Podcasts/interviews/guest columns

What the IF podcast: Landing a Man on the Earth! (great fun!)

Radio New Zealand: Nancy Atkinson: The story behind the Apollo programme (7/20/19)

New York Daily News, Op-Ed: Earth-bound lunar mission heroes: Remember what they sacrificed and what they accomplished (7/20/19)

CBS News Radio: One Giant Leap Revisited podcast

Minnesota Public Radio, Morning Edition with Cathy Wurzer: New book by Minnesota author goes behind the scenes of the Apollo program (7/18/19)

Maine Public Radio, Marking 50 Years Since the Apollo Mission Put a Man on the Moon (7/12/19)

Looking Up Podcast (Cincinnati Public Radio: Eight Years to the Moon (7/10/19)

New Scientist article: “Apollo 11 Only Made it to the Moon with Diabolically Hard Practice (subscription required)

WGN Radio Morning Show (Chicago) 7/3/19 “Nancy Atkinson on the 50th Anniversary of Apollo”

Farm Talk Radio with Mick Kjar (Fargo, ND), Part 1 and Part 2 (Yes cows are a part of NASA’s history!)

The Space Show with Dr. David Livingston, “Eight Years to the Moon” (6/29/19)

Casual Space Podcast with Beth Mund, (6/27/19), listen below:

Weekly Space Hangout with Fraser Cain (6/12/19):

Interview with Dr. Pamela Gay, “365 Podcasts Later’, (4/27/19)