Talking to Astronauts

Another highlight of my adventures at Kennedy Space Center was participating in the joint ISS/shuttle crew news conference on February 18. I have to admit, I’ve interviewed lots of astronauts, scientists, engineers, etc. before, but my heart was absolutely pounding out of my chest when I stepped to the mic to ask my questions! Maybe its because I’ve never done an interview live for all the world to see before. But it was thrilling to talk directly to the astronauts, and even give them a couple of laughs. You can watch the video of the crew news conference above. Below is a picture of the set-up at KSC for the media to talk to the crews.

As you can see, we stood right in front of the big screen monitor to ask our questions, and with the astronauts looking directly at the camera on the ISS, it felt like they were looking right back at me — and talking to me personally. It was very fun, and another great memory of my journalistic journey to KSC.

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