Vote for Bob King and His New Night Sky Observing Book!


Since today is Election Day in the US, I’d like to suggest that you … buy Bob King’s new book about how to see things in the night sky WITHOUT any expensive, fancy equipment, just your eyeballs!

Have you always wondered about things you’ve seen in the night sky and wanted an easy explanation? Have you always wondered why stars twinkle, where to find the constellations (and what ARE constellations, anyway??) and what that bright light moving across the sky is (it’s probably NOT a UFO!), Bob’s book “Night Sky With the Naked Eye” is the perfect ‘explainer’ and companion.

The book’s subtitle, “How to Find Planets, Constellations, Satellites and Other Night Sky Wonders Without a Telescope” provides a hint of what you’ll learn, introducing you to how you can start to enjoy the beauty of the night sky in new ways.

Besides information and explanations, the book includes fun activities, great graphics and beautiful images.

I’ve always admired and enjoyed Bob’s writing. He’s written for Universe Today for several years (see all his articles here), and he has his own blog, AstroBob. He’s got a lyrical tone that turns his descriptions, explanations and instructions into something akin to poetry. And his joyful sense of wonder about the night sky is infectious, making you want to go out and look for yourself! I know you’ll enjoy his book! It is published by Page Street Publishing, the same company that is publishing my own book, “Incredible Stories From Space.”

Bob wrote a great post today on Universe Today about what he learned through writing this book. He provides tips and lessons learned in his experiences of writing a book, and he talks graciously about how we “rooted for one another and shared our ups and downs” as we wrote our drafts simultaneously. I still think its amazing — and uncanny — that we both live in Minnesota and both had this tremendous opportunity to write a book. Still, even though we’ve worked together at Universe Today for several years, we have yet to meet each other in person, but that should happen by mid-November! Yay!

In a year where there’s been divisiveness, anger and unfriendliness, Bob’s lovely book is a reminder that we’re all under one sky and all in this together.

“Night Sky With the Naked Eye” is available starting today at bookstores, and is available to order on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and IndieBound.

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