First Reviews for “Incredible Stories From Space”

Drumroll please, I’m excited to share some of the early reviews for “Incredible Stories From Space!

I’m incredibly grateful for the the journalists who have taken the time to read the book and write reviews, and for the kind words (so far!) the book is receiving.

Emily Lakdawalla from the Planetary Society posted her annual “recommended space books for kids of all ages,” and here’s a excerpt of what she has to say about “ISFS”:

Incredible Stories from Space provides a crash course on the exciting stories of nine currently active robotic space missions, as related to author Nancy Atkinson by the women and men who work on them. Atkinson weaves together the challenges of preparation, adventures of exploration, and scientifically awesome results in the way she has done at Universe Today for more than a decade. The book is up-to-the-minute with its events and facts.

Ethan Siegal at Forbes put “Incredible Stories” at #7 in his “Top Ten Gifts for Lovers of Outer Space:”

Famed space writer Nancy Atkinson takes us on an in-depth journey of the most famous missions to explore the Solar System, including the people behind them, the science they uncovered and the stories of the worlds we’ve visited. … The current generation of cutting-edge space explorers aren’t being born, they’re being built, and this is an insider’s look at how it all comes together. There’s also a breathtaking look at upcoming missions: a reminder that the story we have to tell about these world, in many ways, is just getting started.

Dave Eicher at Astronomy Magazine said Incredible Stories is “highly entertaining:”

Atkinson, Editor of the Universe Today website is to be commended for assembling a highly entertaining and informative read. Such a book could have walked through pretty predictable territory, not adding significantly to what has been said in many other places. Atkinson’s approach is genuine, informed, and enthusiastic, however, and her expertise shines on each page.

Keith Cowing from SpaceRef said ‘this book is an excellent introduction to the real world of exploring space:”

Nancy manages to get inside the head of people you have probably never heard of – or, if you have, are only familiar to you because they are usually talking about numbers and pictures – not emotions and motivations. In so doing, she brings you inside parts of space missions that you probably never thought to think about. Many people like to parse space missions as being either human or robotic. Well, this book makes it clear that all space missions are human missions.

Jason Rhian at SpaceFlight Insider:

It pays to have someone who is well-versed in the stories surrounding the opening age of space exploration that is unfolding as we speak. Atkinson has going on two decades’ worth of experience with the automated spacecraft, robots, and rovers that have been set to exploring the worldlets, moons, and planets that constitute our solar system – and bodies far, far beyond.

Other reviews include Alan Boyle’s “Holiday guide to science books about life, the universe and everything” in Geekwire, and the newspaper near my hometown, the Wahpeton Daily News did an article about my days at Wyndmere High School and how I came to write a book.

Again, I’m so grateful for the support of my fellow space and science journalists! They are a great group of incredibly talented and dedicated people.

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